Field of Green’s – Houston, TX

Field of Green’s Healthy Cuisine
2320 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 77098
Phone: (713) 533-0029

When I pulled into the parking lot and saw the large sign reading “Field of Green’s” I was afraid that I had made a grave mistake. Surely a place that paid such close attention to organic and vegan ingredients would also be aware of basic spelling and grammar. I was relieved to quickly the learn the full name was actually “Field of Green’s Healthy Cuisine.”

This place is tiny; it’s a very bare-bones restaurant located in a strip center near Whole Foods. The ambiance is very simple, but the service is super friendly and the music was hip. The crowd appeared to be younger, but I’d bet the location attracts a variety of ages.

The menu offered a good variety and considered fish eating vegetarians by offering salmon in some dishes. I had so much trouble deciding from all the options, I had to ask my server for a suggestion. I finally settled on the VEGAN FISH TACO PLATTER. The dish consisted of grilled seaweed soy fish, pico, lettuce and lemon dill in a whole wheat tortilla. It also came with a small salad. This meal cost $11.


I should have read the menu a little more carefully before ordering. I was imagining soft tacos for this plate, so was slightly disappointed. I’ve since realized that I don’t care for soy fish of any kind. Despite these two oversights, I could taste that the ingredients were fresh and I ate half the meal. It wasn’t bad, but I’d definitely order differently next time. I only wish that I had the opportunity to give this restaurant a second chance. I can tell this is a staple of the Houston vegetarian scene.

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