Mas Tacos Por Favor – Nashville, TN

Mas Tacos Por Favor
732 Mcferrin Avenue
Nashville, TN

Everyone is talking about Mas Tacos and I am included.


Nashville’s infamous taco truck opened up a shop on McFerrin Avenue on Tuesday. I was initially overjoyed about the opening because of the extended (and permanent) hours for devouring delectable tacos. For many months I have obsessively checked twitter waiting for a hint that she might be out serving her sinful recipe of fresh and addicting food. I have lamented, ached and suffered symptoms of real withdrawal during the weeks she carelessly wrote “see y’all next week!”

Once, I visited the store, I was excited for much more.


I love the decor. It’s an intimate, rustic room with far too many lovely vignettes to take in at once. From the mismatched chairs huddled around small round tables, cacti placed sporadically throughout, kitschy Mexican art, and bright colors – it’s a unique and hip space. And songs on the jukebox are free! Best of all, my favorite quinoa and horchata lunch combination is available in about 1/4 of the wait time.

Go often.






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