Tomato Art Festival 2010





Today started off great with a pre-Tomato Art Festival brunch at our place. After an early afternoon of eating and lounging, we wandered over to Five Points. By wandered, I mean drove to Five Points. The heat reached over 100 degrees again today, so a 1.5 mile walk just wasn’t in the cards.

The festival seemed larger than last year. We walked around, stopping into air-conditioned galleries and shops periodically, for at least 2 hours. There were a lot of tomato themed food samples – gazpacho, salsas, bruschetta and more. After much consideration, I decided on eating an heirloom BLT (without bacon or mayo and with guacamole). Delicious. Also, I brought my strange tomato over to the ugly tomato contest table. Although the awards had already been given, I felt mine would best be “among friends,” said farewell and left it there to pretend it won the number two spot.

The Tomato Art Festival is East Nashville’s biggest celebration of the year and this one did not disappoint. I love the spirit, community and tasty food of this event.

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