In Praise of Canning

After months of searching for canning classes in Nashville, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take two classes this week.

I learned about the first from the East Nashville Crop Swap. This group gets together every other week to discuss organic gardening and trade herbs, fruit and vegetables. The owners of All Seasons Gardening & Brewing Company were generous enough to offer to host a free class in their store.

The second class was organized by Green Wagon. Green Wagon tweeted the announcement and the demand was so great, they were forced to hold two classes. Alan Powell (Long Hungry Creek Farm) taught the class. He will also teach pickling and fermenting classes in the future.

After these two, I’m excited to learn more and start preserving all the delicious produce for the winter!

Canned Salsa

It’s fascinating that the art of canning seemingly skipped a generation, however, it has recently become popular again. I believe the resurgence is a combination of factors – the nation’s desire to move closer to sustainability, the slow food movement, a larger population of health conscious individuals, the DIY movement, the ever-growing “foodies” who desire to enjoy fresh produce all year round and lastly, the economy.

NPR posted an article yesterday about canning:

Interested in canning?

University of Tennessee Extension, Canning Foods

Ball Blue Book

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