Thai Phooket – Nashville, TN

Thai Phooket
207 Woodland
Nashville, TN 37213
(615) 248-7933
Thai Phooket Facebook Page

I love this place! It’s the best authentic Thai food in Nashville with the freshest ingredients and friendliest service. Don’t be fooled by the building exterior or seemingly desolate location. It is an extremely convenient lunch destination for anyone who works downtown, in Germantown or East Nashville.

I ordered the PAD PUK with tofu. It contained stir-fried mixed vegetables with garlic, bell pepper, crushed hot pepper and fresh basil in a house brown sauce. It also came with a large serving of white rice. I tried level four in spiciness. Everything was expertly sauteed, fresh and delicious. No vegetable was left behind, but I was only able to eat about half of the rice. I could eat this every day for lunch. It’s almost under priced at $7.95.

Pad Puk

My date ordered the KAO PAD. This Thai fried rice was also stir-fried perfectly. Again, the fresh vegetables make this dish stand out. This is another favorite with enormous portions. The vegetarian version is priced at $7.95.

Fried Rice

The great food is the standout characteristic of this restaurant, but the great service is also very enticing. It’s a family owned restaurant and they always act appreciative of their customers. They recognize the regulars. Visit often and you will not be disappointed.

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