Overnight in Los Angeles, CA





Los Angeles, a massive and spawling city of over 80 districts and neighborhoods, is impossible to experience in one day. During this recent trip, I decided to spend a few hours in a neighborhood that I had never visited – Silver Lake. Located East of Hollywood, Silver Lake is known as a gathering place for the creative class, as well as some of the most famous modernist architecture in the United States. Silver Lake has also become the center of the L.A. alternative and indie rock scene, drawing comparisons to Williamsburg in Brooklyn.


LA Mill Coffee Boutique
1636 Silver Lake Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

LA Mill is one of the most decadently decorated coffee shops I’ve ever encountered. Red and black walls, ornate gold light fixtures and teal alligator skin chairs. The ambiance was otherwise laid back and service was friendly and genuine, even as I worked at my table for several hours. I’d describe my meal, but it was truly secondary to the amazing cup of coffee that I was served.

Extraction: Clover (brewed in specialized Clover vacuum siphon brew chamber)
Beans: Kenya AA Njuriga Estate


1626 Silver Lake Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

Free range design! It’s the best part of the egg and clearly the best place for gifts in Silver Lake. In less than 30 minutes, I was able to find baby shower gifts, a souvenir for the house and an amazing vintage charm bracelet (75% off!) I loved the displays and almost all of the merchandise.

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