Wild Cow – Nashville, TN

The Wild Cow
1896 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206
(615) 262-2717


I’ll admit it; I would like this place no matter what, based solely on its close proximity to where I live. It’s great to have restaurants within close walking distance – it’s part of what I really like about living in East Nashville. The fact that it is vegetarian makes it even more attractive. The Wild Cow is one of only two vegetarian restaurants in this city and I really admire the way they have reached out to connect with the community. Months before they had opened, they already had hundreds of Facebook fans anxiously anticipating their opening celebration / benefit party for East C.A.N.

Sadly, I haven’t tried most of their menu. This is hardly intentional; I’m out of town fairly often and I really enjoy cooking at home with fresh vegetables from our CSA when I can! Last night, after a visit to the beloved, Mas Tacos Por Favor, I noticed that someone tweeted about the raw tiramisu Wild Cow has had available and my curiousity was captured.

Does this look raw to you?

raw tiramisu

Wild Cow is also unique in Nashville for being one of the first to embrace the raw lifestyle. I have recently become increasingly interested in what the diet and the preparation of raw food entails. I find my quest for healthy eating to be continually evolving. Although somewhat pricey, ($9.25 with tax), this was delicious. I can’t imagine the amount of time it must have taken to gather ingredients and prepare this delectable treat.

After this delicious experience, I started following Wild Cow on twitter – TheWildCowVeg and now have daily updates on all kinds of vegan and raw desserts. Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Cupcakes? Carrot Cupcakes with Ginger Cream Cheese Frosting? Yes, please! With an ever-changing menu of daily specials, friendly and charitable staff and an unbeatable location, I really need to get to this place more often.

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Cyber Dogs Internet Cafe – Seattle, WA

Cyber Dogs Internet Cafe
909 Pike Street
Seattle, WA

11am – Midnight (everyday)
(206) 405 – DOGS



Over the past two years of traveling, I’ve lost all faith in “accidentally” finding great places to eat. Those serendipitous encounters with lesser known local culinary gems are rare and blindly searching for one typically ends in a rushed and disappointing meal at a fast food chain. Generally, my lack of free time demands restaurant research in advance for almost every new city I visit, however, today I randomly wandered by an awesome place – Cyber Dogs Internet Café.

It’s rather humble and unassuming from the outside. A runner or brisk walker might never discover the funky interior décor and delicious food! It’s a tiny place; there are a variety of typical caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. I’m sure this is a great place to stop in after a night of bar hopping in Capitol Hill, but it was completely empty when I dropped by, and it was a cozy escape from the bustling streets on the nicest day Seattle has seen in weeks (so I was told).  

I love how this place describes itself: “We’re an internet cafe near Seattle’s Capital Hill where you can meet friendly people, surf the net, listen to eclectic music and watch foreign films!”

Frankly (no pun intended), I’ve never been an avid veggie dog consumer. This place changed my mind. Behold:


Vegan bratwurst, vegan melted cheese, thick slices of fresh cut avocado, sprinkled with green onion on a whole wheat bun. The barista suggested that I add Sriracha and seriously, what doesn’t Sriracha make better?! This masterpiece was only $6. I slipped into a temporary and blissful food coma while Portishead sang sweetly over the speakers. How cool is that? 

Not pictured: Kate licking the cardboard carton clean when the barista stepped into the backroom. Seriously.

Next time:

“Chicken” noodle soup
Vegan tiramisu (vegan means diet friendly, right?)*

*I seriously might stop back by this place tonight.  

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Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant – Boulder, CO

Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant
2010 16th Street
Boulder, CO 80305
(303) 442-1485

This restaurant is located in the heart of downtown. The ambiance is elegant,
but comfortable. The menu creatively combines a mix of vegetarian,
vegan and raw dishes.

The RAW RAVIOLI was a flavorful mix of ingredients. The “pasta” was cut
from radishes, topped with a sweet fig compote and filled with vegan cheese.

The SWEET ONION TART was the favorite. Fabulous presentation.
I wished I had ordered more than one to split.

My main entree, the BBQ SEITAN PLATE , was disappointing. First,
it was entirely too much food for one person. Sadly, each item was more bland
than the last. I really wanted to like it, but I guess I just love Southern cuisine too much.

Note: Does great vegan Southern food even exist?

The desserts looked enticing, but I was far too full to partake. I would return to this
restaurant and enjoy a meal of a few small plates. The food and portions are more
than reasonable priced. I also loved the mint lemonade – simple and very refreshing.

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Millenium – San Francisco, CA

Eating healthy on the road has become an interest and passion
of mine over the past year or so.  Though I struggle with physical fitness while
traveling, if I plan right, I am typically able to find a vegetarian restaurant (or
place with vegetarian options).  Following a vegetarian diet on the road has
made an incredible difference in my energy level and overall mood.  I’ve been
collecting photos and notes over the past few months, but felt inspired to
“officially” begin my reviews after my meal last night at Millennium in San
Francisco, CA.

580 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102-1650
(415) 345-3900

My sister and I walked into Millennium on a Wednesday night without
a reservation and the restaurant was pretty full.  The wait time was about
45 minutes for a table, but we made ourselves comfortable at the bar.  The
restaurant is located downtown in the Civic Center / Tenderloin area with limited
parking.  Amazingly, we were able to find a metered space, but we were expecting
to pay about $7-8 to park.

Armed with a glass of wine, we examined the menu wanting to taste everything
possible.  For starters, we decided on the Black Bean Torte
and Buckwheat Yukon Gold Gnocchi.  Both were priced around $11. 
The presentation was creative and both items were quickly devoured.  Highlights: The 
fresh cilantro sprinkled on the torte nicely complimented the plantains and black
beans inside the crisp outer shell. Also, the buckwheat gnocchi were unexpected.

For entrees, we chose the Erbette Chard Roulade and Marinated Tempeh. These entrees were very different, but both delicious.  Entrees were priced around $25.  Highlights:  The tempeh was easily the best I’ve ever tried. The brand they use is Dragon Lines Tempeh and I might consider special ordering it for cooking at home.  The citrus was a nice addition and the sugar snap peapods were perfectly sauteed.

Though I was completely full after the entrees, we insisted on the Carrot
Dessert Trio.
It was the perfect size and variety of carrot desserts.  The
carrot ice cream (similar to sorbet) and sauteed carrots with figs were a
creative use of main ingredient.  The carrot cake was, as expected, moist
and delectable.  I suspect all their desserts are amazing and must not be
overlooked!  All desserts here were $5-$9.

Millennium also offers a 3-course $39 prix fix option.

This is a fabulous restaurant for the discerning diner, vegetarian or not!
It is hard to believe that this place is completely vegan.  The presentation of each
dish is a work of art and the attentive service will create a wonderful dining
experience.  Also, I loved that I could eat a 3-course meal and feel alert afterward.

Perfect date night restaurant!

“This is one restaurant where you can stuff yourself and afterward, still feel
frisky!”  – Bay Insider


Cookbooks here:

Additional photos from other diners:

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